Dave: Hiya how are you?

Dave is being updated frequently, and learns from each conversation. However, if you can't spell or make a sentence, you won't have much luck. Here are some tips:

  • Verbose or 1 word 'sentences' will not make a good conversation.
  • Make sure that you are using proper english sentences. Avoid using internet short-hand.
  • Use interpunctions like comma's, dots, questionmarks, etc.

Some (of many) features:

  • Tell me a joke and tell me another joke,
  • Wordplay, multiple choice test and personality test question,
  • Dialog history.

The development of VirtualDave started in November 2004, and has been going on since. Dave learns from all conversations, and with each conversation Dave is learning and knowledge is being added.

VirtualDave is easy to modify, any language could be learned, and the current build is platform independent. A working example of virtualDave ported to Flash can be seen at the Detailed Simplicity online videochat. VirtualDave can be used for many different online services, like for example customer services, helpdesk and a dozen of other online services you can think of.

If you are interested in having AI for any kind of service on your own website, simply ask virtualDave by typing: Email Dave and tell him [your message text]
Do not forget to put your own email address in the message so I can send you a reply.